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Fashion / Residential Design

This project was initially an interdisciplinary study - It began as an exercise in fashion design - researching trends and how they could be applied with the use of building materials to create a garment. This same would be used in a connecting brief as the design inspiration for a games room, acting as the materiality informant for the space.

The Garment 

The garment was inspired by the dragons featured in HBO’s fantasy tv series ‘Game of Thrones.’ Specifically the aesthetics of costume designs of the character ‘Danaerys Stormborn of House Targaryen.’ This character is also known as the Mother of Dragons - her attire throughout the series had subtle nods to both her lineage as part of the House of the Dragon and her “children,” by using materiality to create reptilian scale effects on her garments. 


The garment was inspired by texture - experimenting with simple silhouettes and using texture as the intricate detailing. The garment is a Gilet jacket, which references an outer skin, and also a garment commonly found in historical battle armour. There was a pattern of four used throughout the construction of the garment, which was inspired by the bond of the ‘Mother of Dragons’ and her three children. The panels at the shoulders and upper spine are attached with four silver key rings, and cable ties stitch used to stitch the side panels together. The damp-proof course [DPC] is the material used for the panels, and the pattern of dragon scales are attached to the panels in a gradient effect.

The Games Room

The materiality and inspiration became the theme behind the Games Room turning it into a sophisticated Dungeons and Dragons arena. Texture, again, played a big role; experimenting with layered effects as well as rough vs. soft juxtaposition to reflect the highs and lows of the games to be played. 


The games room takes aspects of the gilet jacket and uses it within the aesthetic and tactical design, the dragon scales are the prominent feature - aluminium panel cladding in a layered effect to recreate the scale effect of the gilet. A rough texture was introduced with a brick parquet floor - as this room leads to a pool area and was a former patio area. Soft furnishings juxtapose these hard materials to make a comfortable games room.

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