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Pop Up

Retail Design

There is nothing more nerve-racking or anxiety-inducing than watching your phone slowly run out of charge or the nauseating sound of glass cracking on the ground. And what if both of these could be solved in a one-stop-shop? 


WeFix - a brand associated with electronic repair services - would be setting up a pop-up ‘power bank’ to provide emergency recharge points, as well as providing their usual repair services and accessories retail. This temporary space had the challenge to take the nervous energy that surrounds dead batteries or broken tech and calm it; The space needed to create a still and relaxed environment to promote recharging of both technology and mind while waiting for devices to be either be repaired or charged.


The environment needed to inspire an atmosphere that was calm, light and natural; And above all friendly and grounded. WeFix is a chain brand found throughout South Africa and they do have a brand identity that is grounded, usually using neutral tones, natural greenery and textures within their shop designs.

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